Carcassonne: the world's best breakdance and human beatboxes

the essential The entry of hip-hop dance into the Olympic disciplines boosts the One-One Battle of Carcassonne, which takes place this Sunday 26 September and which is one of the major meetings of urban cultures, in France and beyond.

Reigning world champions, and former world numbers, champions of France, and even members of the French Olympic team: what discipline can boast of bringing together such a field in Carcassonne? First of all, we don’t say “plateau”, we say “line up”. And the sport in question – because it is one – is breakdance, a form of hip-hop dance which will be an Olympic discipline from the 2024 Games. .. The local association One-One has made the promotion of this activity its reason for living since 26, date of the organization of the first “battle” at the foot of the City. It was under the Halles, and in a more modest form. But now the “One-One Battle International” has grown. And the one that will take place this Sunday 26 September, Salle du Dôme, is a real event.

“We tried to mix between our desire to attract the best in the world and the restrictions linked to the pandemic, which means that some cannot leave their country, like the Japanese” , explains Camille Casteignau, the creator of the One-One association, detailing the program of a “battle” 2021 which will be a little less smaller than that of last year, where Carcassonne was still the only hip-hop event maintained in France. For this year, this Sunday 26 September, the human beatbox battle will be back with the reigning world champion, B-Art , and the French champion, Prichia. As for the breakdance competition, it will host no less than four members of the French Olympic team (Doudou, Shaymin, Nasty Nath and Luka) as well as The Wolfer, who won in 2019.

Young people and families

This event “is the result of this day-to-day work carried out in Carcassonne by the One-One association” , welcomes Jean-Louis Bes, deputy to the mayor of Carcassonne in charge of culture. “What makes the strength of our battle is that we have many students from our teaching activities who are involved in its organization” , underlines Camille Casteignau, who has also observed, year after year, a diversification in the public: “We have young people, of course, but also families, and even grandpas and moms who come alone. And who feast! “.

Because the two disciplines are impressive, each in its register. And are becoming more and more followers, among teens, but also among children, who find a beautiful complementarity between the artistic side and the sporting side. This year, the Battle also offers internships, the day before the actual event: a breakdance workshop with Mighty Jim (open to practitioners) and a beatbox with B-Art (open to all). To participate, just send an email to

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