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the essential At a standstill, Covid obliges, the cultural world has suffered the full brunt of the consequences of the health crisis. A place of cultural expression and a real artistic incubator that has finally reopened, the Red Hat unveiled its rich and varied program which will undoubtedly delight the public.

Thanks to a quality program, the Red Hat brings together an ever-growing audience, loyal and eager for discovery. From blues to rock via boogie-woogie, from one man show to cinema-music, diversity is always there.

From October 7 to 9 , the red hat will host the first edition of the festival Cinéquanon. For 3 days, the latter offers shows in the original form of a film concert. A true dialogue between two arts, cinema and live music, the sound universes offer a variety of readings to the visual arts.

On Thursday, October 7 , the festival will open with sound poetry. Attempt to describe a d head dinner in Paris France, by Jacques Prévert, will then be the opportunity to combine poetry that told, “ will be set to music and illustrated in the presence of a visual artist “, explains Franck Nizier, artistic director of the Jonction association, organizer of the festival. At 21 h, the evening continues with the film by Jean Cocteau Le Sang d’un poète set to music. The next day, Friday October 8 two other cine-concerts are scheduled. Thus, 1984 by George Orwell and the documentary Grass will both be accompanied by live music. On Saturday 9 finally, the Cinéquanon festival will be dedicated to youth with a fun, educational and participatory post-synchro workshop from h to 10 h. Peter Pan (1924), will be at 14 h performed musically by Frank Nizier himself. Finally at 21 h, the Stéréopop Orchestra of Toulouse will accompany in music Aelita, the first Soviet science-fiction film (1924).

In addition to the festival , the Red Hat will welcome many artists from various musical genres. Samëli first (world music), offers spectators a real musical journey on 14 October . Make way for blues and boogie-woogie on 21 October with the group Mojo . November and December are not to be outdone and other concerts, including the Carcassonne quartet Philippe Munck and Antoine Oña or the very young group The Rockidz , will be offered to the public.

The twelfth edition of the Tremplin jeunes talents “ offers the opportunity of a first stage to young local amateur artists and this, in professional conditions “, explains Élodie Letao, city councilor in charge of youth and digital. From the Chapeau Rouge stage to the Fabrique des Arts, the artists will perform in different rooms. “ It is, we see it, a real springboard. The winners will also have the possibility of winning a recording “, specifies the municipal councilor . “ So here we see the role of the Red Hat: like a real breeding ground for artists, some have the chance to pursue and embrace a professional career “, enthuses Jean-Louis Bès, deputy delegate for cultural affairs.

To register, you must collect a file from the city’s youth and student life information point or download it from It must be completed, accompanied by a sound support and filed before 15 October at PIJ.

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