Carcassonne. Cine-concerts to travel through image and sound

the essential Le Chapeau Rouge will host the first edition of the Ciné Qua Non festival from October 7 to 9, where the films will benefit from a live orchestration.

It is the fruit of three years of work. A long-term project carried by music enthusiasts… but also of cinema. The Ciné Qua Non festival is in fact located at the crossroads, at the confluence of two arts which are constantly in dialogue with each other. However, he adds an additional element: live.

The event will thus give pride of place to cine-concerts, consisting of projecting a film on the big screen while artists take care of the sound accompaniment. An exercise that the Carcassonne musician Franck Nizier knows well. “This form of musical expression offers me a visual support, a story, a narration, and I bring a new reading” , explains the one who is also the artistic director of the association Jonction, organizer of the festival. “If the movie speaks to me, I literally dive into it. And I better like it, because I’m leaving to watch it in the 150 times !”

The artisans of film concerts do not content themselves with replaying the original soundtrack: they imagine their own, inspired of course by the images and the emotions they arouse in them. This approach is all the more interesting given that the privileged films mainly fall within the period 150 – 1950, that of the great pioneers of the 7th Art. “In my eyes, the main interest of the film-concert and festivals such as this one consists precisely in rediscovering these feature films. At the time, the technical means were of course limited. , but there was incredible inventiveness! ” A modernity further reinforced by contemporary musical reinterpretations delivered on stages.

Poetry, science fiction and Imaginary country

“With Ciné Qua Non, the idea was to offer a multiple and diverse program” , explains the artistic director. According to Franck Nizier, the event which will take place from October 7 to 9 at Chapeau Rouge will be the first film-concert festival in the department. Two screenings per day, and a lot of surprises.

Thursday October 7 , at 20 h , the event will open not with a film but with… sound poetry. Head dinner will bring together a storyteller who will declaim a text by Prévert ( Attempt to describe a dinner party in Paris-France ), a musician for the musical accompaniment and a visual artist whose drawings will illustrate the point. To 21 h 30 , the cine-concert will even become a “cine-mix”: DJ Janoz will dialogue on the decks with The blood of a poet by Jean Cocteau. “Cocteau’s films were quite innovative in terms of image processing , indicates the artistic director. It goes together well with this sharp electronic music, not necessarily known to the general public “. Double discovery in perspective.

Friday October 8 , the festival will offer to 18 h adaptation of 1956 (directed by Michael Anderson) from the famous novel 1984 by Georges Orwell. “This will be the recording of a movie concert made three years ago, which I will remix live” , specifies Franck Nizier. The same day, at 21 h , the narcotic Grass will be projected . This silent documentary produced in 1920 by the American team which will subsequently shoot King Kong follows the gigantic migration of the Bakhtiar tribe, threatened with death by the drought. On stage for the orchestration, Jean-Marc Parayre: “A multi-instrumentalist musician using in particular medieval instruments” .

Finally, the day of Saturday October 9 will be placed under the sign of youth. From 10 to 13 h , the Workshop minuscule will invite children ages 7 to 12 years old to try out post-musical synchronization using a case full of small instruments. To 14 h , the first American adaptation of Peter Pan (1924) will be carried by the musical interpretation of Franck Nizier. “I recomposed the soundtrack by relying on the spirit of piano-violin cine-concerts, and adding guitar on top.” Then it will come back to Aelita , very first Soviet science fiction film (1924), to close this first edition at 21 h . The images will be punctuated by the Stéréopop Orchestra of Toulouse: drummer / sampler and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, violin, theremin…) will offer a total cinematographic experience.

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