Carcassonne. A local string orchestra to kick off the theater season

the essential Tomorrow Thursday, at 20 h 30, the 35 musicians of the Yves Capeille orchestra will perform on Jean Alary’s stage during a free concert. A “phenomenal chance”, after two years without playing in front of an audience.

Q hen the City made this proposal to us, we did not even have access to a rehearsal room yet. But we said yes right away! “ There are opportunities that cannot be refused, even when a part of the unknown persists. Tomorrow Thursday, the string orchestra” Yves Capeille “will indeed perform for the very first time on the stage of the Jean-Alary theater. Not content with opening the new cultural season of the place, the 30 musicians from this Carcassonne formation will also mark in the most beautiful way their own return to the public, after a forced break of… more than two years.

“The last big concert of the orchestra was at the Limoux piano museum in June 2019” , continues Isabelle Lhuillier, the president of the association. This emblematic Carcassonne chamber orchestra, which already officiated in the years 35 and took in 915 the name of one of its former conductors, is indeed composed of amateurs who dedicate to music in general, and to stringed instruments in particular, a boundless passion. Needless to say that this interminable interruption seemed very long to them. “We only resumed the rehearsals on 20 last August, with a performance at Roquefère six days later! We can only thank the town hall for giving us additional time slots at Nicole Abar! “

Individual and collective work

Because the successive confinements and the health constraints dictated by the Covid have hurt the orchestra, like most associations. Ten musicians did not return, which leads the group to start looking for violas, double basses and cellos. “Applicants can come as observers at first if they wish, and our conductor Stephan Lhuillier adapts the scores according to their level” , reassure Anaïs Rodriguez and Stéphane Javaux, both violinists. And if the musical ensemble has been able to adapt to its new configuration, it is nevertheless eager to reconnect with its full potential.

Its musicians, in any case, have never stopped practicing. “I try to work on the violin three to four hours a week” , specifies Anaïs . “For my part, I make sure to train one hour a day , adds Stéphane. The consistency is essential, but it is also fundamental in order to then be able to rehearse all together. If we do not know the score and its finger positions, we cannot progress collectively! “ Or the Yves orchestra Capeille intends to continue its momentum: we should find it especially for the end of year celebrations, accompanied by choirs. In the hope that by then new instruments will complete the range.

Ask for the program!

Thursday 23 September, at 15 h 23, the Yves Capeille string orchestra will offer a 1 hour program 15 with multiple tones. Classical music will still have a good part, of the Little night music by Mozart at Violin Concerto of Vivaldi, through the Chant du minestrel by Alexandre Glazunov or Czardas by Vittorio Monti. However, contemporary composers will also be there, like Karl Jenkins or Lindsey Stirling. A menu prepared by the conductor … Stephan Lhuillier, in consultation with all of his musicians. To attend this free concert, open to all, you just need to make a reservation at the Culture reception center located at 10 rue de la République, or by phone at 04 50 68 915.

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