Carcassonne. A concert that gives the mojo to the Chapeau Rouge

the essential The young group Mojo, in residence of creation at the Chapeau Rouge, gives a first concert this evening at 21 h.

This evening, in the small intimate room of the Chapeau Rouge, the group Mojo gives their first concert after a week of residency. But more than a concert, it is the birth of the group. “ We are all musicians, we all know each other with more or less distant ties and, at one point, we wanted to come together around a common project, a style music and especially to pay homage to a great musician: Dr John “, says Vincent Boisseau, saxophonist and flautist of the group.

Tribute to bluesman Dr John

“We are all from the region, between Toulouse and Montpellier and it’s a bit like a family “, adds the Carcassonnais Guillaume Gardey de Soos, who on stage, juggles between trumpet and keyboard. It is therefore five on stage, that Mojo intends to pay a vibrant tribute to Dr John, “an emblematic musician of New Orleans” , emphasizes with passion Vincent Boisseau. “ Of course, if we want to simplify, we can say that we are a group of blues and jazz since our first inspiration is Dr John “, he explains, but,” knowing that he collaborated both with Beyoncé and the greatest of jazz “, we imagine then all the musical richness which results from it! If it was last year that the idea of ​​the Mojo group was born, covid obliges, it is this Thursday at the Red Hat that the latter comes to life. In creative residency since 18 October, “ is the opportunity to meet from morning to evening and from evening to morning. The daily life of our lives is put aside, we are there, all, at the service of one and the same project “, explains Vincent Boisseau.

It allows us to set goals. We know that we have so many pieces to work on. It is only by being stuck together that we can succeed. thus our common energy “, specifies Guillaume Gardey of Soos.

Why Mojo? “In fact it came quite naturally, then it’s a term that evokes a lot of things and that’s also what we like. Then it’s quite consistent with our music and Dr John, his various influences and all his folklore “, says Vincent Boisseau. “But the mojo is also an aura, an attitude, even a sex appeal!” , adds Guillaume.

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