Canada teenager steals $ 36.5 million in cryptocurrency

the essential Thanks to a SIM card scam, a Canadian teenager managed to steal 36, 5 million dollars. The police were able to find him, but were unable to get their hands on all of the stolen millions.

36, 5 million dollars stolen. This is the largest case of cryptocurrency fraud against an individual recorded by the police in Hamilton, Canada. The facts go back to the year 2020. To steal this substantial sum, the equivalent of 32 million euros, a teenager would have used a SIM card, reports Hamilton police.

By calling the telephone operator of his victim, the teenager would have hijacked all his communications, informs BFM Business. The teenager must have known his victim, since he was able to convince his operator. By providing a new SIM card, he recovered his connection information, via a two-factor authentication system.

Thus the teenager recovered the digital wallet of his victim, and stole 36, 5 million dollars, via cryptocurrency. Hamilton Police, who launched a joint investigation by the FBI and the US Electronic Crimes Task Force, located the teenager but were only able to get their hands on $ 5 million. Part of the cryptocurrency would have been used to redeem a nickname on an online video game.

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