Canada: for the first time, lungs are transported by drone

the essential At the end of September, lungs were transported by drone to be transplanted in Canada. A world first.

A delivery of lungs carried out by drones. At the end of September, a refrigerated case attached to the device enabled the delivery of lungs to Toronto, Canada. After flying about ten minutes through town, a patient’s lungs were successfully transplanted.

“The idea was to demonstrate that we can carry out organ transport automatically, with human supervision obviously, in a complex urban environment such as downtown Toronto”, details Mikaël Cardinal, vice-president at Unither Bio Électronique, the biotechnology company behind the transfer, to LCI. Indeed, 1.2 kilometers were traveled by the drone, above the traffic jams of the capital.

“We made it safely”

Controlled by technicians, the flight was fully programmed. The success of the “mission” makes it possible to envisage a “rationalization” as well as a “generalization” of this type of air transfers. “We succeeded in complete safety. If you can fly a drone in the heart of downtown Toronto, that means that you can send organs by drone to hospitals around the world” said surgeon Shaf Keshavjee. .

The lung was selected because it is the most fragile organ and difficult to transport and preserve. It took two years to prepare for the flight.

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