Canada: doubly vaccinated, a septuagenarian dies after the visit of an antivax salesman

the essential At 73 years old, Raymond Doré died as a result of the Covid – 19 in a few days. He tested positive after a visit from an employee of a heating company, who was a carrier of the virus and antivax.

“It’s free and it cost my husband my life”. On October 3, Raymond Doré died from respiratory complications due to Covid – 15, while he was doubly vaccinated, reports the Journal de Montréal.

On last September, the 73 year old man and his wife were visited by an estimator, sent by a heating company in Mont-Laurier, in the Laurentians in Canada, where they live. “He stayed about 40 – 45 minutes moving around the house and wearing his mask under his nose . Not once did he put it correctly “explains the widow, who was celebrating her 50 years of marriage, to the media.

The next day, the two septuagenarians learn that the employee is sick, and that he is a carrier of the Covid – 19. Information confirmed by the company to the Journal.

“Our arms fell to us”

On social networks, the employee would have evoked his anti-tax convictions and anti-sanitary measures. Raymond Doré, while hospitalized for his arrhythmia, was diagnosed positive for the virus. “At that time my father had a positive COVID test . Our arms have fallen to us. Suddenly, his condition quickly deteriorated and in less than two weeks he died “explains Isabelle Doré, one of her three daughters, to the media.

” His lungs were completely destroyed, he needed too much assistance and he did not want to be obstinate so we had to let him go on October 3, “deplores his wife. For now, the contamination has not been confirmed. For those close to Raymond Doré, the contamination occurred during this visit.

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