Campan. Jean-Philippe's goose game to discover the Pic du Midi

the essential Jean-Philippe Dupouy passionate about the Pyrenees and the Pic du Midi invents a goose game. The facilitator transmits his passion. Meet.

From the balcony of the Pic du Midi, pointing the finger at the mountainous scenery is within the reach of all visitors, on the other hand, name the peaks of the Pyrenees chain stretching from East to West over more than 300 km is hazardous, in any case real knowledge. Because from the Pic d’Anie, 2 504 m, highest peak in the Bearn Pyrenees to the Pic d’Aneto, 3 404 m highest point of the Pyrenees, located in Spain, the scenery on a clear day is splendid and even breathtaking.

Jean-Philippe Dupouy, Pic-du-Midi employee since 2001, tirelessly restores to visitors what he has stored thanks to his hikes, his curiosity and his teachers especially Jean-Sébastien Gion, whom we presented last week. Do not see any ease or recitation, no he develops a real passion for this setting and adorns his explanations with different anecdotes, always rich and nourished. A real well of knowledge.

Animator, marble worker

Jean-Philippe left his native Hérault at the age of 4 to follow his father, who had become a marble worker in the Pyrenees, while his mother brought up siblings and did housework. A hint of Hérault accent continues when he tells us about his professional career “first as an animator in holiday centers at the beginning of the years 80, in winter the snow, summer the colonies and between seasons marble worker with my father “. Years 90, stability with a permanent job in the Campan valley then security at the Régie du Tourmalet first on positions related to snow and finally cabinier at the Pic du Midday.

“As I easily told the visual and the history of the Pic, my directors Olivier Guyeneau and Daniel Soucaze de Soucaze offered to tell me the story of the peak, the mountain environment, the fauna, the panorama to tourists in summer. on the terrace. I experienced real exchanges with the public. ” To facilitate the understanding of the Pic du Midi, the animator innovated and developed playful techniques “it’s a kind of goose game because I realized that speech was volatile, children need to touch to fix the images, I baptized it the “Mourafon” association of sheep and girafon. ” And to explain that this word was born from a funny anecdote “I made believe to a leader of a group of tourists that the llama, which she discovered was a unique animal here and resulting from this crossing. Her group strafed the animal’s photos. I think she still believes in my invention. ” The game describes the fauna of the woodpecker: chamois, marmot, birds of prey, griffon vulture, vulture, red fox, snow chaffinch without forgetting the bear of course. “It also discusses the cable car, weather, astronomy, from the peak, the panorama, a real way to test knowledge but also to learn. “You have to be passionate to work at the Pic-du Midi, the conditions are harsh but the landscape is so grandiose and I like to transmit. The off-season, there are fewer people, it’s less stressful and more rewarding “.

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