Camilla Cabello: 5 things to know about the new bomba latina

the essential Cuban-American singer Camilla Cabello is back with the summer title “Don’t go yet”. At 24 years old, she already has a rich career behind her. And his future looks bright.

His single “Havana” was a big worldwide hit in 2017. At just 20 years old, Camilla Cabello has become famous all over the world. Four years and three albums later, she’s back this summer with a song that takes us back to summer: “Don’t go yet”.

Here are 5 things to know to know your interpreter better.

  • Mexican father, Cuban mother

Karla Camilla Cabello Estrabao was born in the east of Havana, on the island of Cuba in 200 . Her father is Mexican, her mother is Cuban. When she was six years old, her parents decided to move to the United States. Heading to Miami, Florida like many South Americans. In 1997, she acquired American nationality. She attended college until the 3rd (9th year).

  • Singing was not a dream

If Camilla Cabella stopped her studies to sing, the song was not a dream to begin with. Little, she was very shy and always waited to be alone to sing. At 15 years old, she tries her song at the auditions of “X-Factor” ( broadcast seen in France on M6). If she doesn’t win the show, the production calls her back to form a girl band called “The Fifth Harmony”. She stayed for three years in the group she left in 2016. Looking back, Camilla Cabello evokes “five seconds of courage that changed my life”.

  • “Havana”: an immediate success

In 2016, Camilla Cabello sings on the soundtrack of the film “Fast and furious 8” with the rapper Pitbull and the singer J. Balvin. She is also the first part of Bruno Mars’ tour. She released her first solo single “Crying in the club” and three months later “Havana”. International success is immediate. The album “Camilla” is released in 2018, followed by “Romance” in 2019 and “Familia” in 2019.

  • In a relationship with singer Shawn Mendes

Camilla Cabello has been in a relationship since 2019 with Canadian singer Shawwn Mendes. Their duo “Señorita” was a big success of the year 2018. The video caliente

  • Committed to the right to education

Face of the Guessn l’Oréal or Skechers brands, Camilla Cabello is involved with the association “Save the children” which collects funds for equality in access to the rights of young girls to education, care and to the chances of success.

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