Britney Spears' guardianship finally lifted by Los Angeles court

the essential After months of proceedings and twists and turns, a Los Angeles court finally decided on Friday to return control of his personal life to singer Britney Spears by ending the measure of guardianship that weighed on her for thirteen years and that the star described as “abusive”.

“Guardianship over Britney Spears’ person and property ceases as of today. That is the decision of the court,” said case judge Brenda Penny.

“I think I’m going to cry for the rest of the day !!!! It’s the best day of my life … praise the Lord”, reacted the star on his Instagram account, thanking his fans for their support.

She did not participate in Friday’s hearing via an internet link as she had done twice this summer.

“What awaits Britney, and this is the first time that we can say that for a decade, depends only on one person: Britney”, for his part rejoiced his lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, to his exit from the courthouse.

Before the court, the lawyer had indicated that a “safety net” was going to be put in place to guarantee the finances and the well-being of Britney Spears. The accountant chosen by the singer to replace her father as financial tutor will thus continue to supervise the management of her property, estimated at some 60 millions of dollars by the American media.

The 39 -year-old artist had already won his case in court at the end of September, by obtaining the suspension of his father Jamie Spears from the role of guardian.

But Britney was above all asking for the right to regain control of her personal life and the cancellation of the guardianship measure put in place in 2008 after psychological disorders manifested by the star.

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