Bressols. Music: Prade gets up to speed

the essential He was a member of the group Quaddran, but it is now in a new artistic perspective that Prade trains his musical buddies.

Each time a generation appears on the balcony, it seems that the symphony is taking on a new rhythm. In the daily life of Bressols and its cultural richness, the music borrows a new tempo with Prade, a melody that opens up new artistic perspectives. However, the faces are not unrecognized in the village. In this new composition, it is Julian Pradel, singer aged 25 years, who has led his musician friends in a new adventure. “We called the Prade project in reference to my last name, that’s what I was called quite often,” says Julian. His longtime buddies were previously reunited in the Quaddran group which disbanded. “Before the health crisis, with Quaddran, we were no longer enjoying ourselves.” At this point, Julian set his priorities: working on what he considered to be his black spot, the composition and the lyrics. “I was looking for a project that looked like me by trying to work on the texts, it was essential.” So the acolytes gathered around the new project, working on new skills, such as computer music, photography or video to consider making music videos. “I turned to them, normal, because since we have always been together, everything happened naturally.” And the collective is essential. “The project is ours, even if I am put forward. The result is thanks to all of us.”

Texts and label

So Julian Pradel wants to impose his new rhythm. French pop titles with hip-hop and electro colors. “We are mixing all our influences; today we have new compositions in the works.”

The public has already been won over by the title “Duality”, released in September, then by the cover of the song “Avec le temps”, by Léo Ferré. A new clip will be released on 12 November. “We continue to work in parallel. We want to develop more widespread communication, on social networks in particular.” The group works independently and in mastering with Thierry Viguier, which fuels great hopes. “What is most important to me for 2022 is to go back on stage, to create a community to bring texts and music to life, and then to be able to live from it behind.” An idea that could well gain ground, like the associative label entitled 10: 47 Records that Julian and his buddies have created to produce term artists.

Anything can seduce in this tempo, with an inspiration that definitely explodes in stereo.

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