Bressols. Bressolais rugby now has its anthem

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In the great stands of Bressols, a song is necessarily popular. The one that supporters will hear from now on may well become the most hummed. This new sporting season which has started is indeed marked by a great initiative in favor of the rugby club, which now has its anthem. A catchy realization composed and sung by Chantal Pradel who has a continuation in the ideas.

“For the record, everything started from the request of a friend with whom I was on vacation. He asked me to compose a hymn for a rugby club near Fumel, “says Chantal. The song was written and performed, but its broadcast did, alas! not successful. “I had the song under my elbow and I said to myself that by starting from this base, I could create the anthem of Bressolais rugby.”

A boon for the singer, who regularly offers entertainment, composes and plays the piano at home, in a dedicated room. “I took the initiative, I created the music and the lyrics, I took care of the recording, as well as the funding. I really enjoyed myself because it was like a challenge.”

Quickly, the song took shape and it found its rhythm. At the start of the season, Chantal played her production to the leaders of Bressol. “There was no way this song would stay on a USB stick, so I decided to release it on Internet platforms.”

Match day

The Bressolais staff really liked the anthem, to the point of broadcasting it today on home match days . “The message of my song is about team spirit and brotherhood, I hope it will help make the supporters proud.”

A great prospect for this amateur artist who enjoys moments at the piano bar. “I hope the players will use it to motivate themselves.” Because the long corridors of the changing rooms at Bressols are like Chantal’s passion, they seem open and endless. A playground that is a little familiar to this mother of three children who have all played rugby. “Beyond my passion, I felt necessarily concerned.”

A very nice way to say that the song forms the youth.

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