Brazil: the incredible images of Grêmio supporters destroying VAR video material

the essential Fans of the Brazilian football club Grêmio destroyed the VAR video material with their bare hands after the referees refused their team a second-half equalizer.

The decisions of the referees and the VAR (video assistance) aroused violent anger among Brazilian supporters of Grêmio, the Porto Alegre football club in Brazil, on the night from Sunday to Monday.

While their team had just lost on its ground against Palmeiras (1-3), dozens of them invaded the ground to attack in particular the screens of the VAR which they destroyed with their bare hands. An incredible scene that was filmed on the cameras of the local TV station which was broadcasting the match.

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— TNT Sports Brasil (@TNTSportsBR) October 31, 2021

Several decisions of the referees were deemed unfair by Grêmio supporters during the match but it was the VAR – which allowed Palmeiras to be awarded a penalty in the first half (1-1) and which canceled the goal of equalizing the local players at 2-2 in the second half – which made the Grêmio supporters mad.

Other violent incidents also took place in the stands and also between supporters and the police.

The Grêmio is 19 e and penultimate of the Brazilian championship with 26 points while we played this weekend the 28 th day. The Porto Alegre club is to date relegated to the second division while it is one of the clubs in view of Brazil with in particular a Copa Libertadores, the equivalent of the Champions League in South America, won in 2017 to his record.

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