Box office: James Bond still in the lead

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(AFP) – The new James Bond “Die Can Wait” remains at the top of the box office for its second week of operation, accumulating more than two million entries, according to figures published Wednesday by Cbo-Box Office.

Near 800. 000 people have seen this latest installment with Daniel Craig of the adventures of the famous British spy invented by the writer Ian Fleming, up from over $ 1, 21 million last week.

On the second step of the podium, “Eiffel”, with Romain Duris and Emma McKay, (Franco-British revelation of the “Sex Education” series), on the construction of the icon of the City of Light, which brought together more than 400. 685. 000 spectators for its first week of release.

Then comes the “The wolf and the lion “by Gilles de Maistre, the story of a friendship between these two animals usually opposed , with close to 199. 000 entries.

Finally, “Dune” by Denis Villeneuve attracted 186. 000 fans of science fiction, and has accumulated 2.6 million spectators in theaters for four weeks.

1 “Die fear wait”: 778. 195 entries (2nd week) – 860 copies

2 “Eiffel”: 400. 803 entries (new) – 590 copies

3 “The wolf and the lion”: 199. 085 entries (new) – 408 copies

4 “Dune”: 156. 954 entries (5th week) – 685 copies

5 “The Addams Family 2 “156. 133 (new) 590 copies

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