Biolay, impeccable behind the wheel of his racing car

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It is a radiant Benjamin Biolay – yes, yes – who reconnected with the public on Monday at the Olympia. In a flamboyant prelude to an offbeat tour for over a year (and which will pass through the Bikini, in Ramonville, on December 7). As soon as his album “Grand Prix” was released in June 2020, the singer was impatient at the idea of ​​setting out again on the roads. And, to resume the imaging of the disc, was displayed in pole position with his car, destined to become a big success thanks in particular to the tube “How is your pain”. Benjamin Biolay reminded him on the legendary Parisian scene: he had to “wait” and the spectators with him – whom he never ceased to thank throughout the evening for their loyalty. A man in good shape, therefore, with a light step and with humor slung over his shoulder (especially when he told about his first Olympia, in the first part of New Order, and for which he had the anachronistic idea of ​​being accompanied by a quartet to strings, which was not to the taste of the public).

Superb voice

A man in voice too, serious at will, perfectly defined by an impeccable sound system. Biolay’s last album was the logical backbone of an alternately dancing concert (“Virtual satety girl” opening, followed by “Papillon noir” and “Comme une car volée”), furiously rock (“Idéogrammes” or the resumption of “Great sleep”, by Etienne Daho) and intimate (wonderful “Your heritage”, superb “Interlagos (saudade)”, admirable “Les cerfs-volants” …)

Plus, of course, a few madeleines like “La superbe” (as its name suggests) or “Winter Garden” (co-written by Keren Ann and Biolay and made famous in 2000 by Henri Salvador). A formidable repertoire carried a group (1) also at the top.

For an evening, planned seated, which soon made everyone get up.

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