Bilal Hassani and Fatou Guinea for “True Story” on Amazon Prime Video: “The story of Adèle Exarchopoulos is exceptional”

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(ETX Daily Up) – “True Story” returns on 30 September on Amazon Prime Video for a second season which will unveil six true, new and personal stories told by Isabelle Adjani, Pierre Niney, Teddy Riner, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Tony Parker and Julien Doré. At the presentation of this new season, among others, Bilal Hassani and the influencer and actress Fatou Guinea. Meeting.

How did you end up in this second season of “True Story” on Amazon Prime Video?

Bilal Hassani: Initially, I did not know they were preparing a season 2, but when I found out, I directly accepted. Especially when I saw the casting! Look at these beautiful names. They’re very, very cool chicks and I knew I was going to have a really good time. We tend to do projects that are super fun, but then we knew it was going to be even better than usual and that we were going to have a lot of fun. Anyway, I knew I was going to have a good laugh so I directly accepted.

Fatou Guinea: These are people with whom I have never worked, whom I have seen on the networks, but whom I do not know personally. But these are personalities that make you want to. When you see Bilal still sunny, happy, Gaëlle a little more transcendent, you say to yourself “but it’s going to be a Molotov cocktail, I have to be in” (laughs). When they offer it to you, you can’t say no. And in the end, it was too good. It was one of the best experiences I have had since becoming an influencer. Nothing to say.

How did the shooting go?

Bilal: Even though it was progressing, there was a good rhythm and we had a lot of things to do, it went really fast because we laughed so much that we didn’t see the time go by. We didn’t realize the days … On the last day, we all looked at each other in “What? Is it already over?”

mode Fatou: We were disgusted!

Bilal: It was really a summer camp atmosphere. Everything was cool. I couldn’t even choose between the interviews or the cameo. I really liked our little pre-credits shoots, the moments when we are a bit of a curator and we are going to learn who is going to be with whom. It’s always super funny. We had a laugh, it went really fast.

Fatou: Frankly, we were a great team. We were efficient, happy and in a good mood. Everyone arrived with their energy and goodwill. We said to ourselves: “we’re doing a great project, things have to go well and everyone has to feel good”. Everyone was wondering: “I’m beautiful like that? I’m beautiful like that? Does that make it happen?”, We took a picture of each other …

Bilal: We lent each other clothes!

Fatou: We were motivated. I didn’t have any earrings and Léna gave them to me directly. It was really a lot of mutual aid, a lot of good vibes. Even the staff that each brought back got along. Today, there are some who are friends.

What is your favorite “True Story”?

Fatou: For my part, I would say Teddy Riner. It made me laugh a lot. Tony Parker, it was touching and very funny at the same time, with a lot of suspense. The others, I decided not to listen to them and to watch them as a spectator. I too want to have a moment of surprise. But according to Bilal’s words, Adèle’s is exceptional.

Bilal: Yes, I think this is one of my favorites. Beyond the fact that it’s completely crazy what she’s saying, you can’t believe her, and yet it’s true. It’s both funny and very touching and at the same time, she opened her heart to us. I really loved hearing the story and I even would have liked to live it with it, it’s so crazy. I found Tony Parker to be very touching too. I was a little moved. There is a little fatherly side, a very cute side. Without too much spoiler.

And you, do you have a “True Story” to tell us?

Bilal: I walked away thinking “oh but I could do it too! I’m sure I have plenty to talk about”. I arrive, I hear the stories, I said to myself “ok, I’m going to go live a little longer and I will come back because they have crazy stuff happening to them! Even when the girls told me other people’s stories, I was quite surprised. So I don’t know if I could bring something crazy enough for now. But I could tell maybe … Yeah well, there maybe some little stories that I can tell. could say but in any case I will not tell them today because it is necessary to keep them well in case I am called for season 3.

Fatou: That’s exactly it. I tell myself that I don’t have enough yet of bottle, but with my experience, what are we going to laugh about! But I also do not say anything … Amazon has to call me for season 3 (laughs)!

Bilal: And everything works in secret! who was cool with all the stories you are going to discover in s the program is that we did not know them before. Everyone will be able to discover things about incredible people. Whether athletes or actors or from a completely different horizon. If you are a fan of these people and think you know everything about them, watch True Story, you are going to be really, really surprised.

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