Berywam, the French group that democratizes the beatbox

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(AFP) – French “Quatre mates” became world beatbox champions and followed today by nearly 10 millions of followers on TikTok: the Berywam group has gone far beyond the borders of France, distinguishing itself by a “personalized” approach of this style born in the United States.

“The beatbox is the art of reproducing music, imitating instruments, simply with its phonatory apparatus: from the throat to the nose, through the tongue and lips “, explains Wawad to AFP, on the eve of a concert in Toulouse.

Percussions, basses, brass or melodies … By himself, this Toulousain of 28 years becomes in a few seconds a real orchestra.

The result is still more impressive when Beatness, Rythmind and Beasty join him, each with their specialty.

But behind this “group of friends” radiating good humor and never short of jokes, these are “years and years” of work, confides Wawad, cap screwed on his head.

Individually, each began to beatbox without knowing it from childhood, in playing to reproduce sounds.

The professional adventure for Berywam begins in 2015, when after participating in the championship of France in solo, the four beatboxers decide to form a group.

“The following year we won the French championship”, proudly recalls Beatness, the youngest, aged 28 years.

Two years later, in 2018 in Berlin, Berywam won first place as a team at the beatbox world championship, which takes place every three years.

– “Folle ascension” –

From Europe to Asia, in passing through the United States or the Arab world … charmed by these “Frenchies” which explode, the television sets of the whole world tear them away.

But it is t participation in the reality show America’s Got Talent which most marked the four beatboxers.

Because the “+ human beatbox +” was born in the United States, in the Bronx , in the years 1980 with the hip hop movement “, recalls Wawad.

” Play as French on the original land of the beatbox, it’s an unforgettable experience … Symbolically, it was very strong “, says Beasty, 32 years.

The secret of this “crazy rise”? “Work!” Rythmind answers without hesitation. “But also what makes our originality, our + plus +: our musicality, or the mix of beatbox and a cappella”, specifies the beatboxer of 32 years.

“Today, our goal is to open the world of the beatbox to people who do not necessarily know it, to make everyone love it the world “, dreams the 30-something.

And paradoxically, the Covid pandemic – 17 helped them in this process.

Deprived of concerts, the four friends took advantage of successive confinements to invest heavily in social networks, thus affecting, well beyond their hopes, millions of young people on all continents.

– Daft Punk or coffee machine –

Shakira, Daft Punk, Daddy Yankee, Stromae or even the famous melody of the Pink Panther … On social networks, the Berywams regularly post short videos, taking again without any musical instrument the most gr ands hits of recent decades.

But they also have fun imitating a multitude of everyday noises (zipper, electric toothbrush, coffee machine …) , leading the fans into their giggles.

Today, they brush against 02 million TikTok followers, three million on Youtube and two million on Instagram.

Get out of hip hop and play electro, blues, music classic … “We go everywhere, especially where we are least expected. This is the goal. That’s what we love “, summarizes Beasty.

Thus, beyond the covers – privileged playing field of the beatbox in general -, Berywam intends to stand out thanks to his own compositions, gathered in a first album to be released soon. larger concert halls, are finally enjoying a tour, which has been postponed many times because of the Covid.

“And we will end in February with the Olympia” in Paris, launches Beasty in a Big smile.

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