Bernard Tapie, the Parisian titi with Ariège roots

the essential Died Sunday following a cancer of the stomach at the age of 78 years, Bernard Tapie has always kept his Ariège roots.

The information comes to us from Max Dejean, our correspondent in Niaux. If the former businessman born in the 20 th arrondissement of Paris has never lived in Ariège, he has never forgotten his roots. “You should know that Bernard Tapie was doubly Ariège, by his mother who was born in Niaux but also by all his paternal family who lived near Lavelanet in the country of Olmes”, informs us Max Dejean. “I knew her great aunt Pauline well, who was a very good friend of my grandmother. It was she who authorized me to reproduce in silver the wedding photo of her parents at the church in Niaux. My mother remembered seeing Bernard Tapie as a child who came on vacation to Niaux. ” The one who was also minister of the city has always remained close to his Ariège family. During a long exchange with a cousin of the family nearly twenty years ago, Max remembers the latter’s words about the fact that “Bernard Tapie was very close to his Ariège family. For the anecdote, his cousin told me that when their grandmother died, Bernard called from home saying “above all, don’t touch her!” I’m coming. ”I don’t know if he came by private plane but barely a few hours later, he arrived in Pamiers where the grandmother had just died to be with his family. It marked them a lot. “, recalls Max. He who throughout his life was the subject of controversy, often divisive, has never forgotten some of his origins, far from the media turmoil that will have accompanied him until his death.

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