Bernard Tapie suffering from a double cancer: “He suffers a lot”, says his friend Jacques Séguéla

the essential Jacques Séguéla gave news of Bernard Tapie, struck by a double cancer. The advertiser indicates that the former boss of OM is particularly “tired”, and that he is currently the subject of a “new treatment”.

This is not really reassuring news that the publicist Jacques Séguéla gave of his friend Bernard Tapie, suffering from stomach cancer which has become widespread in recent years. The one who is also a columnist returned this Tuesday 27 September on the state of health of his friend, on the set of Pascal Praud on CNews. “He is very tired, he is in a lot of pain. He is in his last fight, he knows it. As in all his fights, he does it with rage and with a kind of last ardor”, explained Jacques Séguéla, before specifying: “He has a new treatment, it might be the last”.

Jacques Séguéla, publicitaire et ami de Bernard Tapie.
Jacques Séguéla, publicist and friend of Bernard Tapie. CNews screenshot

“It hurts so much to see him …”, continued the publicist who visits Bernard Tapie every week. He is at home, he is lying down, he gets up painfully. He has his whole family around him, it’s completely united. Okay, that’s the last fight. “

” Enjoying loved ones before it’s too late “

Jacques Séguéla claims to have seen the former minister on 24 last September. What worries is the last message left by his son, Stéphane, on social networks, on 13 September latest. He released a video, with several pictures of Bernard Tapie, insisting on the fact that it was necessary to “take advantage of loved ones before it is too late”.

615329468 Previously, his daughter Sophie Tapie had indicated that the former president of Olympique de Marseille “was very tired”.

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