Bangladesh: world's smallest cow enters Guinness World Records posthumously

the essential This Monday 27 September, Guiness World Records announced that Rani was the smallest cow of the world. She obtained this appointment posthumously, after her sudden death on last August.

Rani, the famous dwarf cow from Bangladesh, the smallest in the world, was certified by Guinness World Records a few weeks after her sudden death at the age of two. Guinness World Records announced on its website Monday that Rani was the smallest cow in the world, comfortably beating defending champion Manikyam, a measuring Indian cow 61 centimeters.

ud 83 c udde7 ud 83 c udde9 Rani, a dwarf cow, is currently causing a stir in Bangladesh. The animal is only 27 cm tall and is 26 kg according to her owners, making her the smallest cow in the world. Guinness World Records has promised to rule within 3 months. (@afpfr)

– Mediavenir Good News (@MediavenirGN) July 9, 2021

Rani, 27 cm high for 66 cm long and 26 kg, of the Bhutti breed, a prized meat in Bangladesh, caused a sensation in July after the publication of his photos in the press and on social networks. Despite the restrictions due to Covid, thousands of Bangladeshis immediately rushed to the suburbs of Dhaka, to see this phenomenal bovine “barely taller than a rooster”, on the farm where he lived.

“Mixed feelings after Rani’s approval”

The fate of Rani, who died suddenly on 19 last August of stomach trouble, almost compromised her entry for posterity into the book of records. “We sent several videos of Rani in accordance with Guinness World Records requests. We also sent the autopsy report to Guinness authorities who wanted to verify that there was nothing abnormal about her death,” said owner Kazi Mohammad. Abu Sufian, boss of Shikhor Agro Industries.

Guinness officials wanted to make sure she hadn’t been injected with hormones to turn her into a dwarf cow, he said. “We have submitted all the details of his health to dispel any doubt,” he said.

“We have mixed feelings after the approval of Rani. We are happy that she received the honors due to her. But at the same time we are very sad because she is no longer with us”, a- he concluded.

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