Baldwin affair: why did a real weapon end up on the set?

the essential The investigation into the death on Thursday of a director of photography in the United States, killed by a shot by Alec Baldwin during the filming of a western, continued on Saturday by focusing on the gunsmith and the assistant director. But why was a real weapon present on the set of the movie “Rust”?

On the set of the western Rust, the American actor Alec Baldwin accidentally killed the director of photography of the film Halyna Hutchins, with a loaded gun. Used as an accessory on the set, the weapon had indeed accidentally triggered at least twice before the accident on Thursday, according to anonymous sources.

How can a normally blank loaded gun kill someone? According to TheWrap, the weapons used on the shoots are often real weapons, even though the term “prop gun” is commonly used.

Real pistols used for the sake of plausibility, to add reality, especially on close-ups. Normally the weapons are not loaded with real bullets, but blank, ammunition therefore without projectile.

On the set of Rust, assistant director Dave Halls, described as a seasoned professional, then handed this gun to Alec Baldwin during a rehearsal for a scene from the film, informing him that it was “cold”, i.e. not loaded with an actual bullet in cinematic jargon.

Problem, the gun was loaded and the assistant did not “know that the gun was loaded with live ammunition,” said an agent from the sheriff’s office in Santa Fe County, N.Y. Mexico.

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