Baldwin affair: who are the two people at the heart of the investigation after the drama on the set of Rust?

the essential The investigation will have to clarify the responsibilities of each in this tragedy.

The investigation into the death of a director of photography in the United States, killed by a shot by Alec Baldwin while filming a western, continued on Saturday with increased attention paid to two people: the gunsmith and the assistant director of the film.

The first, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, according to a preliminary investigative report cited by the press, prepared the weapon with which the actor fired Thursday in the direction of Halyna Hutchins, 42 years, then died of her injuries. The second, Dave Halls, 31 years old, handed the gun to Alec Baldwin during a rehearsal of a scene from the film, informing him that she was ” cold “, that is, not loaded with a real bullet in cinematic jargon.

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Dave Halls “didn’t know the gun was loaded with live ammunition,” said Agent Joel Cano of the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office in New Mexico. Neither are currently under prosecution, a spokesperson for the sheriff confirmed on Friday. Prosecutor Mary Carmack-Altwies also said in a statement Friday that she “did not know” at this stage of the investigation if “prosecution would be initiated”.

Six members of the technical team had left the shooting

A telephone call, made by a woman member of the film crew to the emergency number of the emergency services (911), also seems to confirm the existence of tensions on the filming site. Six members of the film’s technical crew had left the set, according to the Los Angeles Times, several hours before the drama to protest their working conditions.

Asked by the operator of 911 on the presence of live bullets in the weapon, this unidentified woman replied, according to the recording made public: “I cannot tell you … And that bastard assistant director who yelled at me at lunch, (…) he’s supposed to check the guns, he’s responsible for what happens on the set.

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Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who has not spoken publicly since the drama, was interviewed in a podcast in early September. Asked about a previous western, “The Old Way” with Nicolas Cage, she confided to having hesitated to work on the film, not being “sure to be ready”, but that the shooting was then “very fine”.

Halyna Hutchins’ husband Matt Hutchins, who confirmed to CBS that Alec Baldwin contacted him and showed “great support”, tweeted the “immense loss” of his wife . “Halyna was an inspiration to all of us,” he wrote.

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