Ayo and Tim Dup defend a great action at the Halle aux grains

the essential In order to raise funds for the hard of hearing and deaf in Senegal and to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Toulouse association Mboro brings together this evening, at the Halle aux grains, Ayo and Tim Dup.

The artists Ayo and Tim Dup will be on the stage of the Halle aux Grains this Friday evening, which rejoices Thibault Dumoulin, member of the Mboro association, organizer of the event: “Tim Dup (1) came in 2019 and we hit it off. He’s coming back this year to play for free and help us out. ” Involved, in great demand and open, the artist is not the only one to accomplish his part since Thibault wanted to mark the occasion for the anniversary of the association and to help support the effort to come to the aid of the Senegalese: “We We wanted a nice venue for this date and it is the Toulouse producer Bleu Citron who helped us by also putting us in contact with big productions including that of Ayo. In our idea of ​​this humanitarian concert, it really stood out compared to to other artists and it’s a pleasure to have him with us on Friday. “

Revealed in 2006 with the unstoppable hit “Down on my knees”, Ayo has continued to string together successes by exploring the full range of emotions and horizons, from folk to pop through soul. Her latest album, the impeccable “Royal”, could have never been released: “I was getting ready to go into the studio to re-record my first songs, she explains. Four days before, I changed my mind and decided to work on the few songs that I had, in a direct and very spontaneous way. ” The impressive result seems to be a celebration of Ayo’s voice: mixed forward on soberly elegant acoustic arrangements, her singing is at the same time aerial, warm and deep. Eleven superb compositions and a cover of “Born somewhere” by Maxime Le Forestier, whose text necessarily evokes the trajectory of this artist of Nigerian origin. We will find the generosity and the stage presence of Ayo this Friday at the Halle aux grains, for a concert organized by the humanitarian association Mboro, which works in the field of health, education and culture in Senegal.

Opening of a school

Created in 2011 by two hearing aids and an optician, it dealt with problems related to the ears and eyes but, very quickly, with the arrival of goodwill, actions diversified: “We fit people who cannot hear well and these devices have a limited lifespan,” says Thibault Dumoulin. Since 2019, our action and that of the Toulouse hearing aid company Audial which generates 20 000 euros annually have made it possible to open a school for the deaf and we now want to finance a boarding school to accommodate all the people who come from all over the country for treatment. ” The project, the poster, the artists are beautiful so see you tonight at the Halle aux Grains…

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