Aude: he writes a letter to the Queen of England, who answers him

the essential Honorary citizen of Carcassonne and specialist in the history of the city, Martial Andrieu found documents of the visit to Carcassonne by the Duke of Windsor in 1950 and the Queen Mother in 1989. A month ago, he sent it all to Buckingham…

It is not every day that we write to the Queen of England. Martial Andrieu did it for a good reason: he had documents to send him. Nothing top secret a la James Bond, however; rather something to revive memories in Elisabeth II.

“I found a photo of the visit to Carcassonne of the Duke of Windsor, the Queen’s uncle, in 1950” , says the person concerned, passionate about history and himself an honorary citizen of the city. “And I also had a photograph of the official visit of the Queen Mother in 1989, leaving the Saint-Nazaire basilica alongside the mayor Raymond Chesa, as well as a copy of the page of the guestbook where she affixed her signature “. Martial Andrieu then got the idea to send everything to Elisabeth II, accompanied by a letter explaining his approach.

“The inhabitants of Carcassonne have not forgotten the discretion and simplicity of your uncle, during his stay at the Hôtel de la Cité on 12 August 1950 “, he writes. As for the Queen Mother, “all the Carcassonnais present this 27 May 1989 kept an excellent and unforgettable memory “, affirms the missive. A nice attention from which the historian hardly expected more: “I did not do it in a personal capacity but as an honorary citizen, to raise the image of Carcassonne” . A response from the royal family was not an end in itself. And yet …

A few days ago, Martial Andrieu received a letter written in English, dated October 1 and coming from Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s summer residence. “She asked her personal secretary to answer me!” This one the “thank you” for this attention, specifying that “His Majesty greatly appreciated the sending of the copy of this page signed by Queen Elisabeth, as well as the photos taken during these two visits” . “According to friends better informed than me about Elisabeth II, it is rare for her to respond to a letter sent to her” , insists Martial Andrieu, who is delighted with this “publicity stunt” for the city at a time when tourism is picking up steam. The more so as the man did not fail to launch the invitation either: “If in the future, Your Majesty or one of the members of the royal family of England decided to honor us with his visit, I am sure that many of us would be delighted “. After all, never two without three!

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