Auction: this painting by Soulages is ready for a new record

the essential On 18 November in New York, the auction house Sotheby’s will sell “Painting, 195 x 130 cm August 4 1961 “, large red and black painting by Pierre Soulages, estimated around 10 millions of dollars. Since 2018, each sale of the centenary artist native of Rodez sets off records.

For years, each advertisement for the sale of a painting by Pierre Soulages has aroused interest in the art world, and that of 18 November that Sotheby’s is preparing in New York is no exception to the rule. “Painting 195 x 102 cm, August 4 1961 ”, a large format vertical canvas in red and black comes from a French collection, which has held it since 1989.

According to Guillaume Mallécot, Director of the Contemporary Art Department Sotheby’s France “This work of years 28 – 63 highly sought after is undoubtedly one of his most exceptional paintings

100 years in Sète

By scraping with spatulas he made himself, the artist revealed the sublime red base coat. The work, by joining the United States after its exhibition in Paris from 16 to 28 October, will return to her home port, the Sam Kootz Gallery in New York, from where she participated in one of the most important retrospectives dedicated to Soulages in the years 195 (Houston, Paris and Montreal).

Last May, it was in Montpellier that a sale had focused the attention of specialists, amateurs and ten potential customers. “Painting 100 x 63 cm, 16 April 1975 ”had been awarded 1 , 3 million, won by a Belgian collector. 1961 offered for sale in New York in November is estimated at 7 to 10 millions of euros. It could therefore reach and exceed the record for Soulages reached in 2018, already in New York with a canvas in red and black at 9.3 million euros, record broken a few months later in Paris, at Tajan at 9.6 million, confirming for Soulages the title of most dear living French painter.

And alive, Pierre Soulages is in his town of Sète, a few weeks before his 100 birthday.

In Rodez, at the museum that bears the artist’s name, we will follow the sale from afar, Benoît Decron’s team being mobilized on the new temporary exhibition which will open on 16 November: Gaston Chaissac and the CoBrA group

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