Auch. With the Smac label, Imaj'wants to develop current music

the essential The Imaj’ Association – and the Cri’Art concert hall – has been awarded the Scène de musiques contemporaine label. Thanks to more resources, new actions will be implemented this season.

The Imaj ‘association, and with it the Cri’Art concert hall, had been working there for several years. In January 2021, she received the Scène de musiques contemporaine label (Smac), a certification issued by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Occitanie (Drac), for a period of four years . “For us, receiving this label is a recognition of the work accomplished over the past twenty years, rejoices Marc Thouvenin, director of Cri’Art. It also gives us credibility and legitimacy to shine in the department.”

The Smac’s mission is to disseminate current music in its broadest acceptance and in all its diversity. These scenes mainly program pop rock, electronic or even urban music: “Generally, it is all music except chamber music, adds Marc Thouvenin. We must have an identified policy of alternative scene”.

A first Smac from Gers

Imaj is the first association to receive this label in the department (there are 91 in France). “Our role is to bring current music as close as possible to the populations,” specifies the director of the Auscitaine room. For this, we can join forces with communities or associations to create events or offer co-productions so that territories, on which cultural action is less present, can also have access to current music “.

Smacs must also support creation. For this, Cri’Art is counting on residences, several of which are being planned in the Gers, in Nogaro as well as in Garros. “The principle of residencies is to bring artists closer to the populations, as in schools, assures Marc Thouvenin. They are the best ambassadors of music”.

For this, and following obtaining the label, the Imaj’va association will benefit from additional financial resources, thanks to operating grants. “We will be able to recruit and take advantage of a greater artistic choice for the programming, recognizes Marc Thouvenin. This will undoubtedly allow us to have a call for air to bring in headliners, without forgetting the local scene. Many artists from Gers are also part of our programs “. The challenge of the association is now to convince the public and, for this, is counting on its new recognition.

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