Auch. Irish Rock Café celebrates its eighteenth birthday

the essential The bar in the city center of Auscitania celebrates its eighteenth anniversary until Saturday. On the program, evenings “full of surprises” promises its owner David Bianchi.

It is now an institution in the middle of the Auscitan festival and its longevity testifies to it. From 10 to 13 November, the Irish Rock Café bar-restaurant celebrates its eighteenth anniversary. “That’s a lot… we’re getting to a mature age,” smiles its owner David Bianchi.

The concept has changed a lot since he acquired the building, in 2003.

At the time, the establishment was a nightclub, the “Loch Ness”. “We completely emptied it and transformed it into a bar”. But for this Gersois who “dreamed” of having his own establishment, the beginnings were not easy. Because David Bianchi was not from the “middle”: “Before becoming the owner of the bar, I was on the” other side “, I worked in the distribution, even if I did some extras as a waiter”, se he remembers. “It was very, very, very difficult. I learned everything on the job. It’s like being asked to drive Lewis Hamilton’s car. . You may have the best car, but that doesn’t make you a good driver. “

But the Gers manager is hanging on and, no doubt, he was right, since the establishment is now unbreakable and employs around ten employees.

Three more days of celebration

For the 18 years, the boss saw things in a big way. Four evenings are organized in four days. This Tuesday, in the middle of the afternoon, David Bianchi puts his hand to dough to decorate the Irish Rock Café. “The idea is that every day the bar doesn’t look like it was the day before.”

If the first evening took place this Wednesday, there are still three nights left to celebrate the establishment’s anniversary.

On the program for the next few days, a special evening with tricolor music with “the worst and the best of the French zic “, this Thursday. The next day, the DJ Kiki Martin, Alberto Martin of his real name, will surround the bar with pop rock music. legend “of the bar where he was the resident DJ for seven years.

On Saturday, the Irish Rock Café will welcome Ms. Gaultier, another iconic DJ of the bar and the region. Something to have fun all weekend long. This is in any case the wish of David Bianchi: “If everyone has fun in a friendly atmosphere, then it will be a successful birthday”.

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