Auch. An immersion in images in the heart of Berlin

the essential On the occasion of the Franco-German fortnight, the House of the Auch region offers an exhibition and a reading.

Twenty-six panels to immerse yourself in the heart of Berlin: Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz, Tempelhof or Berlin beach… The series of photos tells the story of the city, from its historical and symbolic dimension to its alternative and trendy side. A possibility for visitors to discover the German capital thanks to images by Prisca Martaguet and texts by Marianne Floc’h. This exhibition, installed in the heart of La Maison de la rĂ©gion until 22 October, is organized as part of the Franco-German fortnight. “The Occitania region is participating for the third edition in this event, explains Sandrine Redolfi de Zan, the head of the Auch region house. And this is the first time that events have taken place in Auch”. The goal of this fortnight is to promote links between Germany and the Occitan region, and more broadly France, and to bring this friendship to life as close as possible to citizens. “Germany is the region’s leading economic partner,” recalls Sandrine Redolfi de Zan. But Occitania also has many twinnings and school or sports projects with our European neighbor “. On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, which takes place this Tuesday, a reading of “The earth is round like a diamond” by author Emmanuelle Urien will also be offered to the public. An exchange will follow this presentation.

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