At least two dead in Afghanistan in targeted attack on Taliban

the essential In Jalalabad in Afghanistan this Saturday, a targeted attack killed at least two people. This attack targeted a police car belonging to the Taliban. This is the first attack since the withdrawal of US troops from the country.

At least two people were killed and 18 others injured on Saturday in Jalalabad in the first deadly attacks committed in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime since the departure of American troops on 30 August. These attacks, at least one of which targeted a Taliban police car, illustrate the still precarious security situation in the country, where the new regime has promised to restore peace and stability after more than four decades of wars.

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A total of three explosions took place in Jalalabad, a Taliban official said on condition of anonymity. None were claimed on Saturday afternoon. The first, which targeted a Taliban vehicle patrolling the city, left “at least two dead and 20 wounded”, according to the official.

An official of the health department of Nangarhar, of which Jalalabad is the capital, reported three deaths and 18 injured in these attacks.

First attack since the withdrawal of American troops

Nangarhar, in the east of the country, is the main focus of rebels of the Islamic State group in Afghanistan (EI-K), rivals of the Taliban and who had claimed responsibility for the attack having made more than 100 died at Kabul airport on 26 August. These attacks come a month after the takeover of the country by the Taliban, who have repeatedly assured that the end of the Western military presence will make it possible to end the violence.

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Until these attacks, life had started to resume its course, far from the chaotic scenes of the evacuations at the end of August at Kabul airport. The first international commercial flights resumed this week, with Pakistan and Iran in particular.

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