At Adele's request, Spotify brings order to listening to albums

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(AFP) – Listening to an album in the original order of its songs has become the “default” mode for paid Spotify subscribers, who acceded to a request from British pop diva Adele and made the “random” mode less accessible.

Sunday, a paying Spotify subscriber choosing to listen to any album was only offered a single play mode, and not the random or “shuffle” function, characterized by two intersecting arrows.

On Twitter, Adele, whose latest installment, “30”, released on Friday, is a global event, applauded this change.

“It was the only request I had for our ever-changing industry!” she wrote. “We don’t put so much care and thought into the tracklist for no reason. Our music tells a story and our stories should be heard as we thought them. Thank you Spotify for listening,” added the British artist , who concludes his message with two emoticons representing a glass of wine and a heart.

In “30”, reference At the age she was when she started to write this album, Adele confides in particular on her divorce and the consequences it had in the life of her son.

“As Adele said, we are happy to announce that we have launched a new Premium service, long requested by artists and users, which makes the function + play + the default button on all albums” , a Spotify spokesperson confirmed to AFP.

“Those who still want to play an album at random can go to view + now playing + and select the random button oire “, adds Spotify.

” 30 “signs Adele’s big comeback, 33 years, on the music scene after several years of silence. In October, the single “Easy on me” reached over 24 UK listeners in the first week, breaking the record for the most listened to in the country upon release.

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