Astrada de Marciac: Singularity and multiplicity for the rest of the anniversary season

the essential The Astrada hosts three shows in November. Dance, theater and music will be present for the rest of this anniversary season.

The Astrada de Marciac continues its anniversary season. In November, the auditorium continues to observe the world around us with a program again marked by its multidisciplinarity.

From November 6, Stéphanie Fuster offers “Gradiva, the one who walks”, a contemporary flamenco show that has just left the residence of the Astrada walls. A first for the Marciac theater. Choreographer and teacher, the dancer sets out to define the flamenco gesture and to question its resonances in terms of identity and imagination. Also new this season, the Astrada is organizing free dance workshops. They will be given by Stéphanie Fuster, on November 7, by reservation.

The following week, on 13 November, the Shai Maestro quartet – composed of Shai Maestro on piano, Ofri Nehemya on drums, Jorge Roeder on double bass and Philip Dizack on trumpet – will be on stage for his new jazz album “Human”. An opus imbued with a lyrical atmosphere and strong emotional eloquence. The first part will be provided by Suzanne, the winning trio of the Jazz migration program 2020, made up of Maëlle Desbrosses (viola, vocals), Pierre Tereygol (guitar, vocals) and Hélène Duret (clarinet, vocals) .

Finally, on 20 November, Sergio Grondin presents “Maloya”. This committed and documentary show, dealing with the question of language and identity, brings together the actor Sergio Grondin and the musician Kwalud on stage, staged by David Gauchard.

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