Ary Abittan indicted for rape: what we know about the facts alleged against the 47-year-old actor

the essential Accused of rape, the actor Ary Abittan is currently the subject of an indictment. The 47 -year-old actor was placed under judicial supervision and presented to an investigating judge. La Dépêche du Midi takes stock of the facts with which it is accused.

The actor and comedian Ary Abittan, who played among others in the film “What we did to the Good Lord”, was indicted and placed under judicial supervision this Tuesday, November 2. The 40-year-old was the subject of a rape complaint, filed on 30 last October by a young woman from 23 years with whom the actor has a regular relationship. La Dépêche du Midi takes stock of the facts alleged against the actor of 47 years.

What is the fault of the actor?

A rape complaint was filed against Ary Abittan this Saturday 30 October. According to the first elements of the investigation, the facts with which he is accused date from that same day and took place at the actor’s own home. The complainant describes facts relating to a degrading and unwanted sexual practice. During his custody, Ary Abittan was questioned by the Paris judicial police: he categorically denied the facts. According to Le Parisien , the actor was “apparently confronted with an incriminating material element”.

What is Ary Abittan at risk?

The actor’s custody lasted 48 hours. He is under indictment and has been placed under judicial supervision. The actor was presented to an examining magistrate. For the acts of rape with which he is accused, Ary Abittan risks a maximum sentence of years of criminal imprisonment, which may be accompanied by security surveillance and socio-judicial monitoring. The actor may also be prescribed a treatment order.

Who is the woman who filed the complaint against Ary Abittan?

According to our colleagues from Point , the young woman who filed a rape complaint is 23 years: this is a young woman with whom Ary Abittan is said to have an intimate relationship. His identity is not known. At first this Monday, many media wrongly claimed that it was his current companion, Sarah-Line Attlan who had filed a complaint.

What do we know about Ary Abittan?

The actor, aged 47 years, has turned in several French productions: “What did we do to the Good Lord?”, “The Visitors 3 “or even” Immediate disembarkation “. As of 18 next December, the actor was to begin the performances of his last one man show entitled “For real”. The tour was to last until 2023. For the time being, neither the actor nor his manager have reacted to this indictment.

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