Ary Abittan indicted for rape: “My client suffered serious violence”, says victim's lawyer

the essential Invited to the microphone of RTL, the lawyer of the young girl of 23 years who accuses the actor Ary Abittan of rape is back to the facts.

The actor and comedian Ary Abittan, who played among others in the film “What we did to the Good Lord”, was indicted and placed under judicial supervision on November 2. The forty-something was the subject of a complaint for rape, filed on 30 last October by a young woman of 23 years with who the actor has a regular relationship.

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Invited to the RTL microphone this Tuesday 16 November, Master Arash Derambarsh, the complainant’s lawyer, returned to the facts alleged against the comedian. “We will see if the facts are established and characterized or not, my client considers so,” he said. The lawyer assures that his client “suffered serious violence, in this case violent rape” and that “ITTs were found”. “Just because you establish an intimate relationship with someone doesn’t mean you can accept anything,” he added.

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Master Arash Derambarsh also called for “an end to media pressure to try to water down the facts, to stop discrediting the complainant’s words”.

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