Ary Abittan, actor of “What did we do to the good Lord?”, In police custody after rape complaint

the essential The 47 -year-old actor was taken into custody on Sunday 30 October following a rape complaint. According to Here, who revealed the facts, his custody was extended on Monday.

Ary Abittan, actor known for his role in the film “What did we do to the good Lord?”, Is the subject of a complaint for rape.

According to information from Here, who revealed the facts on Monday, November 1, the complaint was filed on Saturday 12 October by a woman with whom the actor talks regular relations.

Facts confirmed by the Paris prosecutor’s office with our colleagues from the Parisien , who specified that the complainant is not the actor’s wife, unlike what was indicated first.

Ary Abittan is a former taxi driver turned comedian and actor.

In 2019, 54 100 incidents of sexual violence were recorded by law enforcement. Rape or attempted rape represented 42% of these incidents. For three years, the number of complaints for sexual violence has been steadily increasing. This figure increased by 12% in 2019, according to an Interstats survey, released by the Department of the Interior in January 2020.

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