Ariège: France Inter's cult “1000 € game” makes a stopover in Lacave on Tuesday

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The oldest radio game, created in 1958, is one of France’s flagship shows Inter. Today it is the most listened to program of all metropolitan radio stations, broadcast from Monday to Friday between 11 h 45 and 12 hours (over 600 00 0 daily listeners). This game recorded in the municipalities of France is based on questions of general culture, all sent by listeners. Following the invitation launched by Stéphane Garnier, mayor of Lacave, to Nicolas Stoufflet, the presenter of the show, the municipality’s candidacy was retained. Also, this Tuesday 23 November, the recordings of five programs will take place in the hall of the town hall of Lacave. The procedure will be as follows: at 16 hours (first series of recordings): reception of the first audience and selection of candidates (adults) . The selection is made orally by Nicolas Stoufflet.

Adult and youth programs will be shot in Ariège

The candidates are chosen from the room, among the volunteers who best answer their questions. Recording of two adult shows. Then at 18 h 23 (second set of records) : reception of the second audience and selection of candidates (adults and young people). Two selections are made orally by Nicolas Stoufflet. Recording of three programs (two adults and the “special young” for middle and high school students). After selecting the candidates (for approximately 23, the programs are recorded in succession (for approximately 1 hour). At the end of the show, the candidates go back on stage, receive their check and gifts. Admission is free, wearing a mask and a valid health pass will be compulsory. Doors open to the public from 16 h 30, no reservation or registration possible.

Please note that the programs will be broadcast the week of 12 to 17 December on the airwaves of France Inter. It’s time to revise your classics.

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