Anthony Laguerre launches “Un Pavé dans le Jazz”

the essential At the Théâtre du Pavé, Anthony Laguerre, sound wizard, will launch this evening “Un pavé dans le jazz”

The Théâtre du Pavé is launching this week its “Pavé dans le jazz”, a promise renewed since its creation in 2002 by Jean-Pierre Layrac (president of Jazz à Luz) of a daring musical program and Eclectic of contemporary jazz, improvised, rock proposed by artists recognized nationally and internationally. The poster 2021 will be no exception to the rule: at the Fabrique, the Athanor (Albi), the Taquin, the Abattoirs, the Hangar and of course at the Théâtre du Pavé, where the throughout the year we will be able to take the pulse of current jazz, sometimes accessible, sometimes cerebral, sometimes elitist, often sensual, but always free.

This Tuesday 12 at Le Pavé, the composer, improviser and sound engineer Anthony Laguerre will present with the Percussions de Strasbourg his new project: “Myotis”. Both technician and musician, Laguerre never ceases to explore sound. After having studied all the nuances of the energy of the most “noisy” rock and the pianissimo softness in solo, Laguerre works around the amplified drums to go in search of the immense sonic palette of this ensemble of Strasbourg percussions. The season is on, and it promises to be exciting.

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