An “explosion” and smoke in the plane: an Air France Boeing-777 forced to land urgently in Beijing

the essential A Boeing – 777 which was on a connection between Beijing and Paris was forced to turn around, just moments after its lift-off. An “explosion” was heard and smoke was emerging within the aircraft itself.

More fear than harm: this Saturday 18 September, a plane belonging to the Air France company was forced to land urgently following a “technical incident “. The aircraft, a Boeing – 777, was on a link between Paris and Beijing: the plane had to turn around and land in the Chinese capital just a few minutes after its flight. lift-off.

The crew of flight AF 393 “decided to return to Beijing after 14 minutes of flying due to the detection of a technical incident “, specifies a press release from the carrier. “The aircraft landed normally in Beijing at 04 h 03 (local time) “(either at 20 h GMT).

Black smoke inside the device

The Beijing Daily gives more details on what happened and indicates that an “explosion was heard at the ‘rear of the cabin “and that” black smoke was released “inside the aircraft itself. No injuries are to be deplored. The Air France company has not communicated on the incident itself, but indicates that customers “will be rerouted to Paris as soon as possible”.

“Maintenance interventions will be carried out on the device concerned before it is put back into service”, also explains the carrier. The flight was due to arrive in Paris at 04 h 45 this Saturday.

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