An artistic residency at the Clan de Nogaro with Frédérica

the essential A residency took place in Nogaro with the singer Frédérica. Workshops and a restitution took place in this context.

The small project of 3 days of artistic residency with Frédérica carried by Cri’Art (https: //www.imaj 32.), Labeled Smac (current music scene) and “pole structuring current music “by the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées, was coordinated by the Clan social and cultural center, with the participation of the Nogarolian music school and the town hall, the youth reception and the primary school . Frédérika, accompanied by her sound technician Arthur arrived in Nogaro on Tuesday 21 September.

Frédérika and Arthur were there to work on the genesis of their next album. While in the morning or at night, they work on their artistic creation, in the comfort of the music school, they welcome and introduce young and old to their artistic approach.

Workshops and feedback

For the music school, it was the perfect opportunity to approach vocal practice with a confirmed artist. Between musicology studies, early learning of music, teaching, master class and concert experience on an international scale, Frederika is now well identified. After singing in English, she also tackles a work in French. An artistic approach that is unusual in the region, which lies between jazz-human beat box, soul, world music and hip-hop.

Frederika wishes to share and discover another vocal and musical proposition.

Feedback from the workshops is very positive and young people are asking for more. In this residence was also planned a moment of meeting and musical sharing. The opportunity to meet outside for a restitution concert (and in the park of the Clan, it was a first) with a varied public of about sixty people (young people, high school students, volunteers…).

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