An Agenais back in “An almost perfect dinner”

the essential The restaurant owner from Agen is participating for the second time in the program “An almost perfect dinner” on W9.

After a victory in the special “camping” edition of the program “An almost perfect dinner”, Nicolas Castang, restaurant owner from Agen, will once again participate in the adventure in “Le Combat des regions”.

These are five candidates, former winners of the show and from different regions, who will defend the colors of their territory. From this Friday 29 October at 18 hours, Nicolas Castang had an appointment in Paris for the preparation of the shooting between 30 October and November 6 in Parisian apartments rented by the production for the occasion. Objective: to win the 1 000 € involved by seducing the other candidates. For this, the Agen restaurateur has only one watchword, and that is to be himself. “I’m relaxed, no pressure! I go with my banter and my usual outspokenness. I expect nothing more from this show than to have a good time. Obviously it’s interesting from a point of view. view of notoriety. My first appearance on the show also gave us a boost at the opening but it is not my main motivation. I have a competitive spirit, I like the challenge and I hope above all that it will be a great human adventure with honest, complete candidates. It’s a competition but values ​​are important “, explains Nicolas Castang. A candidate who wants to be the ambassador of the South West and its art of living. “I sent my menu more than three weeks ago to the production. I cannot detail more for reasons of confidentiality but what I can say is that it is very focused on local products from our region. . It is important for me to put that forward “, specifies the one who in his restaurant Le Bar-Back, near the town hall, offers beautiful products, in particular grilled meats which make the reputation of the establishment. . A restaurant that will be closed during filming.

We will have to wait several weeks or even months before being able to follow the adventures of the candidate from Agen on W9, the broadcast date not yet being formalized by the production.

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