American portraits

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Emma Cline is among the best American authors. His gaze is always sharp, his taste for portraiture sharp. The genre of the short story suits her perfectly, she who only needs a few pages to set the scene, create an atmosphere, place characters in front of important decisions. In the collection “Daddy” (La Table Ronde, 266 p., 22 euros) , Emma Cline multiplies the angles of view, on young girls in unstable situation, men ripe in the midst of existential anguish. And hits the mark each time, between tenderness and irony. In “Los Angeles”, Oona, 17 years old, works in a clothes store. She is a “relaxed and confident girl, already very aware of her beauty”. She dreams, of course, of making movies. But, “sad reality of this city: these thousands of actresses with their thousands of small apartments, their teeth whitening strips; all this energy generated by thousands of hours spent running on treadmills and on the beach , which dissipated into nothingness “. Emma Cline has a sense of falling that hurts, in a world of shattered dreams. His stories strike us with admirable prose.

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