“America has an incredible talent”: the performance of a candidate turns to tragedy, he is evacuated urgently

the essential A terrible accident almost cost the life of one of the candidates of the program “America has an incredible talent”, Thursday 14 October. Stuntman Jonathan Goodwin suffered a terrible accident during his performance. He was hospitalized in serious condition.

Stuntman Jonathan Goodwin, candidate for the show “America’s got talent: extreme”, suffered a serious incident during rehearsals he was doing for his performance on Thursday 14 October. “There was an accident in which escape artist Jonathan Goodwin was injured while performing his act,” the show’s production told U.S. magazine People.

At the time of the tragedy, the candidate was entangled in a straitjacket from which he had to free himself, while being suspended by his feet more than 20 meters from the ground. In order to spice up his performance, Jonathan Goodwin had decided to have two cars thrown in the air, which he was responsible for avoiding. The stuntman was allegedly struck by the two vehicles, and then fell before crashing to the ground.

Evacuated in serious condition

The 40 year old American candidate was unconscious moments after his accident. “People on set thought he was dead,” explains the TMZ website, which reports sources close to the show’s production. Jonathan Goodwin was evacuated in serious condition to a trauma unit. According to the American media, his state of health is still uncertain.

Jonathan Goodwin was participating in “America’s Got Talent” for the second time, having been a candidate in 2020.

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