Amazon has overtaken Google as the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy globally

Amazon unveiled 18 new utility-scale solar and wind power energy projects in the United States, Spain, Finland, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom in 2021, totaling 5.6 gigawatts (GW). Amazon currently boasts of 274 renewable energy projects throughout the world and plans to use renewable energy to power 100 percent of its commercial activities by the year 2025, 5 years ahead of its original 2030 target.

When fully operational, these new utility-scale solar and wind projects will increase the company’s total pledged renewable electricity generation capacity to over12 GW and 33,700 GWh (gigawatt hours), or enough electricity to power upwards of 3 million American homes for a year.

The projects will provide renewable energy to Amazon’s corporate centers, fulfillment operations, and AWS data centers, which serve millions of clients globally. The projects will also assist the global firm in meeting its goal of producing enough sustainable energy to power all consumer Echo gadgets.

With 274 global projects, comprising 105 utility-scale solar and wind projects plus 169 solar rooftops on buildings and stores throughout the world, Amazon has become the world’s largest commercial purchaser of renewable energy.


The following are some of the most recent wind and solar projects:

  1. There are eight new projects in the United States.

Upwards of 1 GW of the utility-scale solar projects were added in the United States, including the company’s first solar facilities in Arizona and Georgia, as well as additional facilities in Texas, Ohio, and Virginia. Through 62 projects, the business has enabled upwards of 6 GW of renewable power in the United States.


  1. A second solar-plus-energy-storage project

Amazon’s second solar project in Arizona, which includes energy storage, allows the corporation to time solar power to coincide with peak demand, even if the sun isn’t shining. The 300-megawatt (MW) solar venture is coupled with a 150-megawatt (MW) battery energy storage system, bringing the company’s total battery storage capacity to 220 megawatts (MW).


  1. In the Nordics, there are four new renewable energy projects.

Four wind projects in Finland added 158 MW to the company’s total renewable energy portfolio in the Nordics, increasing it to over 950 MW.


  1. New initiatives in Spain, Italy, and Northern Ireland

Amazon’s latest solar plant in Italy is the firm’s third in the country, with an additional 40 megawatts added to the 66 megawatts that are currently operational. The company’s four new solar installations in Spain bring a total of 630 MW to the system. With the addition of a new wind venture in Northern Ireland, the company’s portfolio on the Ireland’s all-island grid now stands at 245 MW, bringing its total portfolio in the United Kingdom to over 545 MW. Through 34 projects, the firm has enabled upwards of 3.5 GW of the renewable energy in Europe, making it Europe’s largest procurer of the renewable energy.

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