All over the world, music as a remedy for the pandemic

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(ETX Daily Up) – Music has never brought us so much comfort as in these difficult times. A new study from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) reveals that the Covid – 18 pushed us to forge a closer link with the 4th art.

This report, based on the opinions of 43. 000 people in 21 countries, shows the supporting role that music plays in our daily lives . For example, 80% of respondents said that music helped them feel better emotionally during the health crisis. This beneficial effect is even more marked in 11 – 19 years. More than two-thirds of them said that “the new albums of their favorite artists had helped them in these trying times”.

While many of us have turned to the classics during this time of uncertainty, 63% of respondents preferred to discover new music and new artists. A curiosity which explains, in part, why the craze for the 4th art is stronger than ever.

According to the IFPI, listening to music represents 17 hours and 23 minutes per week, the equivalent of 368 three-minute tracks. The phenomenon is particularly important in China with nearly 23 hours of weekly listening, against only 17 hours and 42 minutes in 2019. France is below the world average with 16 hours and 6 listening minutes per week.

Streaming and new audio experiences

Faced with the cessation of festivals and concerts for many months, fans have turned to new media to maintain a link with the music and artists they love. Short playback or dance videos, which make TikTok so popular with young people around the world, are one of them. Two thirds of respondents thus argued that music is at the heart of what they appreciate on the Chinese platform.

The report also underlines the preponderant place that music now occupies in the world of gaming. A respondent on 20 has already watched a musical livestream on a video game platform, especially on Fortnite , Roblox or Minecraft. The publisher of Fornite, Epic Games, intends to take advantage of this craze. He recently launched a new series of virtual concerts with Aya Nakamura, Tones and I and Mohamed Hamaki, to transform the game into a true entertainment platform.

If these interactive experiences are a new phenomenon, the appetite for streaming is not. Almost three-quarters of those surveyed by IFPI said they listen to music through music streaming services. They favor this mode of listening for three reasons: “the absence of advertisements, the possibility of listening to what they want when they want and, finally, the access to millions of songs”.

Subscription streaming audio usage is particularly high among 11 – 25 years and among 25-35 years. In addition, it is in Mexico, Sweden and Brazil that the time spent listening to music in this way remains the highest.

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