Alec Baldwin's fatal shot: the man who gave the lethal weapon comes out of his silence

the essential The assistant director who gave actor Alec Baldwin the loaded gun that killed a filmmaker on the set of the film “Rust” spoke for the first time since drama, Monday, November 1, saying “shocked and sad”.

David Halls’ role in actor Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins, which occurred on 21 October in New Mexico, is the subject of much speculation since he told investigators he should have checked the weapon but failed to do so.

In a statement to the New York Post , David Halls said he was “shocked and sad” after the death of the director of photography for the western, Halyna Hutchins, but he does not comment on the drama or its role. “Halyna Hutchins was not only one of the most talented people I have worked with, she was also a friend,” he writes.

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“I hope that this tragedy will encourage the (film) industry to review its values ​​and practices” to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, adds David Halls.

He would not have checked the weapon

With the gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, David Halls was in charge of the weapons on the set of “Rust” and had to make sure that they were indeed harmless before putting them on the set.

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According to the first statements of the police officers, the assistant director told them that he “should have checked” that all the cartridges in the revolver used by Alec Baldwin to repeat a scene were fictitious but that he “did not have it. not done”.

Live ammunition accidentally fired by Baldwin fatally wounded Halyna Hutchins and ended up in the shoulder of director Joel Souza.

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Security on the set in question

The day before the shooting, a member of the team had resigned, citing in particular concerns about safety on the set, according to the NBC channel.

“There have already been two accidental weapon discharges, and a planned special effects explosion that went off near the crew between takes … To be clear, there is no reunion. security these days, “Lane Luper said in an email announcing his resignation, as quoted by the media.

An online petition calling for a definitive ban on live firearms on filming had gathered Monday near 100 signatures. Its promoters argue that it is easy to add visual and sound effects to dummy weapons during post-production of films. Asked by AFP, Mr. Halls’ lawyer had not reacted on Monday afternoon.

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Alec Baldwin’s first words

Last weekend, Alec Baldwin himself spoke about the accident for the first time, lamenting a tragedy that had a “one in a trillion” chance to occur. The American actor said he could not comment on the facts while the investigation is ongoing.

No arrests were made, but the investigating Santa Fe, New Mexico prosecutor did not rule out possible criminal prosecution if responsibility is established.

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