Alec Baldwin's fatal shot: the crazy conspiracy theory relayed by Francis Lalanne

the essential Francis Lalanne relayed on Twitter the theory of an Internet user who implicates Hillary Clinton in the Alec Baldwin affair.

On Thursday 21, American actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot the director of photography of the western he was shooting, The Rust, fatally. , in the US state of New Mexico. While the investigation is still ongoing, more than a week after the fact, a conspiracy theory has flourished on social media. Theory notably relayed by … Francis Lalanne.

Friday 29 October, the singer has indeed shared on his Twitter account the words of a certain Frank Hoogerbeets. The latter, who describes himself as an “independent researcher, analyst and software developer,” said: “Halyna Hutchins, who was ‘accidentally’ shot by Alec Baldwin on the set, tweeted the 18 October that she had information that would lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton “. “In the meantime, all of those tweets have been deleted,” he adds.

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– Francis Lalanne Official © (@ FrancisLalanne4) October 29, 2021

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