Albi TV: a tele-school has started to train young people and promote the territory

the essential Broadcast online since the beginning of September, Albi TV is a tele-school whose ambition is to train students in audiovisual professions by putting them directly in a situation. The programs are created in partnership with various players in the area.

A school, participatory and local television. This is the ambition carried by Albi TV, a television broadcast online since the beginning of September and whose premises are located on Avenue du Général de Gaulle.

A TV school, first of all, “and not a TV school,” insists Eric Le Scolan. The director of television programs is also director of Sud Formadia, a media school based in Toulouse. For him, Albi TV is the opportunity to train young people in audiovisual technology both theoretically and practically. “We associate training with putting it into practice and broadcasting,” he explains. Currently, five young people between 18 and 23 years are enrolled in BTS by apprenticeship and will gradually take control of Albi TV to produce TV shows from A to Z.

Very local roots

A participatory media then since the programs are produced with partners: institutions, companies, associations, even personal initiatives. “People can come to us with ideas,” continues Eric Le Scolan. Programs have already been created or imagined around a wide variety of themes (see box): gardening, vintage cars, makeovers, video game enthusiasts … “We are more about entertainment than information” , specifies the director.

The idea is also to give local roots to Albi TV: the program on heritage is, for example, carried out by the Albi tourist office, another is produced with the Syndicat Mixte des Rivières du Tarn. The series “Portraits” goes to meet Albigensian figures known as the actor Atmen Kelif or the motorcycle rider Alexis Mabsbou. “We want to highlight the city and its actors”, explains Teïmour Amri Zahri. “The media today are too focused on Paris, we want to do microlocal on the Albigensian”, adds Eric Le Scolan.

The director has the ambition to train thirty or even forty students. And why not, in a year, see Albi TV appear on TNT.

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