Albi. Adventures and sound walks with the Riverrun Festival

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Loup Uberto, experimental luthier and musician today launches the Tarn part of the 5th Experimental Music Festival River run programmed by the GMEA, national research and creation center musical from Albi. And as always with the GMEA, it will be above all and above all a question of sound, in all its facets, musical and experimental.

Today (10 h – 17 h) and tomorrow Sunday (10 h – 13 h), at the MJC d’Albi, this creator, among others, of the “mouth organ”, leads a workshop where everyone will be able, using recycled materials, to create their own instrument and learn to play it.

After having managed to pass between the drops last year, the Festival returns to its headquarters based at the Athanor in Albi, with a record shop, a bar , a catering area where the public can meet the artists and behind, a large barnum with floor for certain shows.

A violinist at the Museum

The Festival remains faithful to Saint-Juéry by programming Mathieu Werchowski, this Sunday at 16 h, at the Jump Museum Tarn.

In the engine room, the entrance hall and outside the Museum, this violinist and violist will offer three small concerts of improvised, acoustic or amplified music , by making his instruments sound in a lyrical, aerial, or repetitive way. Concerts which will be the occasion to celebrate the release, next October, of Noir paradis , a record recorded last year in different places in the Tarn, such as the hydroelectric power station of Rivières, where the acoustics are exceptional.

Tetrachord and nocturnal music

The festival will continue in the Tarn until October 3, with a final (free) concert, the result of the meeting between the composer Guilhem Lacroux and the luthier Olivier Féraud. The latter has created a “tetrachord”, inspired by an ancient Greek musical instrument which allows “to make audible the sound and musical research of Guilhem Lacroux. An experience which leads the listener towards” a change of perceptual state “. Four musicians will play together Au threshold du vent 2021, “a music of the night”.

The vast majority of the festival’s concerts are free. But better to reserve. Full program in a future edition.

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