Agen. The Michel-Serres footbridge reopened

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A provisional military bridge was put up this Thursday afternoon. Then, the teams of the agglomeration carried out the connection work allowing the reopening, from this Friday afternoon, of the Michel-Serres footbridge.

That’s it! The long-awaited moment has finally arrived. More than a month after its closure due to an accident caused by a heavy truck, the Michel-Serres footbridge was reopened to users, as of this Friday afternoon. It did not take long for the first to take advantage of this reopening to cross the Garonne again.

This reopening was made possible thanks to a temporary repair carried out in many stages. Thursday, a team from the National Emergency Bridges Center intervened on the scene to guide the installation of a temporary bridge. This operation was carried out using a crane allowing the lifting of this long structure of 24 m and weighing nearly 16 t. Once this delicate operation had been carried out, the Agglo technical teams took over to carry out the final touches. A wooden ramp was placed between the replacement bridge and the deck of the original bridge. The surroundings were also secured. A site carried out promptly allowing schoolchildren, workers and walkers to quickly regain their habits.

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