Age difference, work at the Elysee Palace, dirty character … Brigitte Macron confides in and responds to controversies

the essential Twenty-four years separate Emmanuel Macron with his wife Brigitte Macron. Usually discreet, the wife of the Head of State has confided in the World on this age gap.

She has no official function and yet she plays a central role in the life of Emmanuel Macron and indirectly in the decisions that the President of the Republic can take. Brigitte Macron has made several confidences to World which devotes a portrait to her entitled “the coach of the Elysée”.

Brigitte Macron, usually discreet with the media, confides in particular on her age gap with her husband. Emmanuel Macron will be 44 years on 23 December and Brigitte Macron is 68 years . Twenty-four years separate the Head of State and his wife.

“The French would probably have preferred a younger ‘first lady’ … I know, we are an atypical couple, we are twenty-four years apart, I understand that it can be surprising, that we do not understand us , but I do not understand the aggressiveness, “says Brigitte Macron. If Emmanuel Macron has no children, Brigitte Macron has three children and seven grandchildren.

During this interview, she indicates that she suffered from the many criticisms that targeted her during the yellow vests crisis and in particular the caricatures in Marie-Antoinette. “What, in my attitude, generated this idea? Because the French who do not know me see me on the steps of the Elysee with a pretty dress and pretty shoes, they say to themselves’ it is disconnected ‘”, adds Brigitte Macron.

The wife of the Head of State also responds to the heated controversy that followed the announcement of expensive work of nearly one million euros at the Elysee Palace. The golden living room of the Elysée had undergone a modern cure. “Everything was Empire. We wanted to bring in modernity”. Before adding: “There were infiltration concerns and the tapestries smelled of tobacco”. The chief architect of historical monuments Michel Goutal said at the time that “it had been 70 years since the place had not been touched, it was very tired”

Also in this portrait of the World , Brigitte Macron acknowledges having “dirty character”. The daily says that she has, in the past, reprimanded the staff of the Elysee if the air conditioning was not sufficient in high heat in the presence of guests or if chairs were missing in the presence of elderly people. “When I’m not happy, I say it,” explains Brigitte Macron. “Uncertainty is a source of anxiety”.

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